Detention Tracking System


Client wanted to create a detention tracking solution to manage detention of students’ in various schools or colleges. Through this website school/college can keep records of detention given to student and based on that they can update student’s record sheet. They can also keeps track for Detention Attendance, Study hall Attendance, Academic Probation, Wellness Center, Generates various reports based on students behavior like consequence, merit, prevention, grade, campus etc.. Above all site must have a facility in which only system admin can manage master data, do routine activities and access files.

The main challenge was have to make website so user friendly that any authorize user with simple basic computer knowledge can operate easily. With normal data entry we also have to provide a data capture facility through scanner. All data on site must be managed with proper flow, maintain minimum data entry level with proper validations and provide help features at each level. We also have to provide various types of reports with facility for export to excel, pdf and csv format. Data also can be import from csv files. We also have to provide graph creation facility on actual data. We also have to track for missing data. Above all these we have to create a various types of users and have to provide data access facility based on their role.

The data management system required to manage the various data like Detention Attendance, Study hall Attendance, Academic Probation and Wellness Center. Track system for skipped records. Master data management to manage District, Campus, Grade, School, Teacher and Student records.


We have developed a website in such a way that all the site activities can be easily monitored/managed by system administrator. We introduce easy data entry screens with Ajax. Provide easy search facilities. We set data under proper modules like Detention Attendance, Studyhall, Academic Probation and Wellness Center. Create roll-assigned users. Introduce roll types like Teachers, Detention Supervisor, Campus Administrator, Campus Tech Administrator, District Admin Level, Nurses and System Admin. Provide data import facility under csv format at all data entry levels. Provide all reports with sort on different fields, filtered with various options and can be export to excel, pdf and csv format. Provide graphical reports based on actual data.

Technology : PHP/MySQL,


The main benefit of the site is client can easily provide this detention system to any school/college to maintain/track detention record of students. The user of the system enjoy their work with valuable reports in response of easy data entry. Client can track all the school/college activities.

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