Multilevel marketing with social networking website


Client wanted to create portal which combines Social Media and Multi-level marketing (MLM), a new class of websites that empower people to come together and make things happen which combines the most useful features of traditional websites, blogs, collaboration software and social networks.

Client also wanted to design website for marketing and sales by compensating promoters of company products not only for sales they personally generate, but also for the sales of other promoters they introduce to the company, creating a down line of distributors and a hierarchy of multiple levels of compensation in the form of a pyramid. Client wanted to create functionality so that each network can be equipped with a fully functional virtual market from where members have the opportunity to purchase goods and subscribe to services (SMS) on a monthly basis. A network owner is responsible for encouraging his members to visit & utilize the market place and make use of the products & services. User should also able to do social networking (with blogs, forums, invite friends, messaging etc.) to promote their product and encourage their promoters.


We have developed a website in such a way that users who are looking for affiliation can first register to the website and immediately start to upload their product for sale, purchase other users products, affiliations and also start to social networking to build up hierarchy of pyramid. User can able to invite their friends, write blogs, use forums for their questions, purchase SMS feature etc. We have developed rich feature for administrator panel so, admin can review all products and also set their percentage (%) for commission to user. We have developed 6 Uni-Level compensation, this is for standard compensation plan that all network partners qualify for paid a certain % per month, per generation up to the 6th. This way we have designed another 5 network plans (Active n/w partner, Diamond n/w partner, Double diamond n/w partner, Triple diamond n/w partner, Platinum n/w partner). Each network plan contains different set of bonus and percentage (%) on purchase/affiliation which set automatically as per user monthly business.

We have also developed virtual market feature same as online shopping mall where users can see details of products and services. When user click on any item in the virtual market, details of that product will be revealed with a button to subscribe/purchase. Once that is done, a transaction (PayPal/Google checkout/SVN) is recorded. Users can suggest new products to be added. General admin can create products/services, include their description and fix the price of the products. User also can specify the profit margin %. This part will not be visible to members. Products will be added by category, and by country of region, if it is a country specific or region specific product. Newly added products will be sent out to all members email as information.

Technology:, MSSQL, PayPal Integration, Google checkout, SVN checkout.


With the combine concept of social networking and MLM, registered users are able to connect with their friends, family members and also able to create pyramid for MLM and generate revenue.

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