YOZDOO – Gaming cum Social Networking Site


Client wanted to create online games cum social networking website where user can play a large range of free online games including sports games, multiplayer games, shooting games, skill games, action games, puzzle games, strategy games and much more. User can also place their comments or give rating on particular game/video or share it with others if they likes. He wanted to create a platform on which user can easily upload their game or video and publish their talent to the world. Client also wanted to provide platform of community for sharing ideas and creating groups or friends. Above all client wanted the site in 14 different languages

The main challenge of the site was combining of game and social network features on a single platform. We have to make the site so attractive that user will spend their maximum time on it by playing games, watching videos or participating in social networking activities. Above all these features site have to present with 14 languages.

The content management system was also required to manage the various data in the different pages like Join Us, Privacy Policy, and other general pages. Client wanted these modules along with the CMS pages the modules like games and videos management, category and subcategory management, users, their friends, groups, internal messages, forum categories, topics and comments management.


We have developed a website in such a way that user does not need to register to play game or watch videos. They only have to register for uploading of their own creations or to participate in social activities. We place all games and video with proper categorization. We have also developed rating, commenting and liking functionality for the selected game or video so that user can play game or watch video based on rating and comments. Search functionality has been also given so it would be easy for the normal user to reach to any game/video quickly. We provide facility for downloading of game and provide various options to share game with others. We provide facility to user for marking a game/video as their favorites.

We create forum, where user can discuss various topics, Add facility for sending joining request to friend, provide personal user area where user can manage their photos, games, videos, music files, favorite games, schools and background detail, friends and groups.

We have also developed rich admin panel from where administrator of the website can edit different page content, can mange games, videos, categories, comments, forum categories, topics, topics comments.

We create separate language files; through it we passed relative section heads for supporting multi language facilities.

Technology : PHP/MySQL


The main benefit of the site is to provide viewer, all games and videos free as main marketing strategy and generate revenue by the way of presenting advertise on site.

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